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Stanton Survey 11.0— for a workforce you can trust.

Have you ever hired someone who turned out to be a “problem” employee — even though they interviewed well and cleared a background check? Hiring mistakes can hurt you badly when they lead to employee theft, high absenteeism, involuntary terminations, increased turnover or policy violations.

That’s why the Stanton Survey is such an essential tool.

This trusted and proven integrity assessment measures and flags certain high-risk indicators, so you can screen out questionable applicants and focus your hiring on safer candidates.

The results? Lower shrinkage, lower turnover and smarter hiring.

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It’s fast, easy and effective.

The Stanton Survey asks applicants to answer a series of simple questions. Most candidates finish in less than 15 minutes, and your hiring team can see the results instantly.

By flagging those who are more likely to steal, give unauthorized discounts, misuse sick days or abuse other company policies, it helps you screen out riskier applicants and streamline your hiring process.

Widely used for over 50 years, the Stanton Survey has proven to be highly predictive for reducing counterproductive workplace behaviors. In short, it works.

reduces shrink and turnover

How do companies benefit?

The Stanton Survey has helped thousands of companies in retail, restaurants of all types, finance, hospitality, entertainment, casinos and other industries. Here’s what they say:

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“The Stanton Survey has helped us reduce turnover, and our internal shrink has decreased steadily since we started using it a few years ago. We've now met our target level.”

— VP of Loss Prevention
Large Retail Chain

“After implementing the Stanton Survey, our workman’s comp claims fell like a rock, and fraudulent worker comp claims fell drastically as well. We had to terminate fewer people, so turnover also decreased.”

— Director, Human Resources
Janitorial Services Company

“The Stanton Survey has become a very useful part of our selection process, helping us to maintain an honest and engaged workforce, with turnover under 10 percent annually.”

— VP, Human Resources
Financial Services Company