Employee stealing merchandise

Reducing internal shrinkage:
Get the facts — and act!

If you’re in retail, you probably know a lot about shrinkage. According to the NRF’s 2015 National Retail Security Survey, shrinkage costs this industry over $45 billion a year. But did you know that over 35 percent* of shrinkage is due to employee theft?

This isn’t just borrowing a few office supplies. “Internal theft” ranges from stealing cash, funds and merchandise to charge-back schemes, “sweethearting” deals and workman’s comp fraud.

Video guide to integrity screening

VIDEO: Three simple steps to safer, smarter hiring decisions

Using the Stanton Survey is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow the (warning) signs to get started!

Dishonest applicant

Four important things a background check won’t tell you

You probably run a background check on your employment candidates. After all, you don’t want to hire someone with an undisclosed criminal record, so it’s a good risk-management practice. But most background checks will only find documented cases of past misconduct — which leaves a lot of other unanswered questions.