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Stanton Survey 11.0:
A trusted tool for safer hiring

First developed in 1964, the Stanton Survey integrity assessment measures attitudes and experiences related to counterproductive behaviors in the workplace. The survey has been used by thousands of companies to screen millions of applicants, and its effectiveness has been confirmed by decades of strong research.

This powerfully predictive tool helps employers focus their hiring on applicants who are less prone to counterproductive behavior at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where should I use the survey?

The Stanton Survey should be used only for pre-hire screening purposes, not for existing employees. Because it assesses innate characteristics rather than job-specific traits, it’s applicable for a wide range of positions and industries.

What does the Stanton Survey accomplish?

The survey is designed to help you weed out candidates most likely prone to counterproductive behaviors in the workplace. It does not make any attempt to measure the potential for drug use, workplace violence or other factors that would dilute the effectiveness of the survey.

Should I use the Stanton Survey on every applicant?

Use the Stanton Survey on all applicants you deem qualified for the position, based on your initial review of their resume/application and other selection methods. It can be used at a point in the selection process that you consider most appropriate, based on your other methods and your industry.

What types of businesses should use the Stanton Survey?

The Stanton Survey is typically used by businesses that handle cash or carry inventory (goods, food, tools, equipment, etc.). Retailers, restaurants of all types, and financial services providers are just three of the many industries where this tool is popular.

We already do background checks. Do we need the Stanton Survey, too?

Yes. Background checks do provide valuable information about an applicant’s past crimes or misdemeanors — but only if they were caught and convicted. The Stanton Survey gives you insights about an applicant’s propensity toward future misconduct. For the best results, you should use both tools together.

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